Free is never Free

Everyone loves a bargain and good value for money, but often this is short term thinking. If there is no revenue stream then a product or service will dissapear.

There is a cost to someone for everything, and if there is not a viable business case for a product or service then it will eventually disapear. Products may be replaced or superceeded but skills and expertise are difficult to find or replace - especially the good ones.

Paying a fair price for a product or service ensures the viablity of future support

In many sectors expertise is called upon free of charge and written off by companies as good will, client retention, sales support or promotion. It has been difficult in the past to approach the subject Prime gives you the tools to approach this issue upfront (even as part of the sales negotiations) and gives you the tools to deliver your expertise at a reasonable cost to the client.

Anything "FREE" has to be paid for by someone - for long term business viability there needs to be a revenue stream for support, experience and expertise. Making it affordable for the customer yet still profitable for the provider means a long term relationship that can work for both - a true WIN-WIN